Castro With His Reliable Rolex Replica Watches UK

As the world ’s most legendary national leader, Cuba’s supreme leader Castro has not only escaped from 638 assassinations in his life, but also has experienced 11 US presidents. He has also subverted the state power to establish a new regime, and has confronted the United States for half a century. But do you know he was a real fan of perfect Rolex fake watches.

The legendary leader of Cuba was a loyal fan of Rolex.
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Castro loved Rolex very much since we had seen that he wore the Rolex at many occasions. There was a picture that he wore two pieces of Rolex watches very eye-catching. It was said that Castro wore two Rolex watches at the same time when he visited Soviet Union.

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Some people told that the reason why he wore two watches was to check the time of two time zones. But I don’t think so. Because the practical Rolex GMT-Master copy watch had been launched already.